Cookies Policy

Last updated: 24/07/2014

1. General

This Statement is an addition to the Terms and Conditions. Therefore, the general definitions and provisions of the Terms and Conditions apply.

Synergy2GO reserve the right to amend this Cookies Policy, in whole or part, in our sole discretion. Any changes to our Cookies Policy will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised policy on the Synergy2GO Website. If following an amendment to this Cookies Policy you continue to use the Website or Services, you will be deemed to have consented to any and all such changes. If you do not agree with the terms of this Cookies Policy, as it may be amended from time to time, in whole or part, you must terminate your use of the Service Synergy2GO.

2. Usage of Cookies

Cookies are small text files located in your browser directory. When a website is accessed, a cookie that is placed on a device will send information to the browser. Cookies are extremely common and used on a number of websites. This is because cookies allow the website publisher to do useful things; for example, a cookie would permit a website operator to find out whether a computer (and probably its user) has visited the site previously. In general, the purpose of cookies is to improve the performance of the website and the user's experience in using that website.

Cookies are not stored by Synergy2GO, but by your Web browser. A cookie is generated when Synergy2GO sends such request to your Web browser and your web browser accepts it; later, your web browser will send that cookie back to Synergy2GO on request.

Cookies can make some functions more convenient for you, as they help to generate individualized pages, but Synergy2GO can be used without cookies. Cookies are switched on by default in Synergy2GO and in most Web browsers. You can switch off cookies on your Privacy Settings page; then, cookie requests will no longer be sent by Synergy2GO. Please consult your Web browser's manual (or help file) for instructions how to delete existing cookies or how to tell your Web browser not to accept any.

If you choose to use cookies, there will be a cookie for your login information, so that you are automatically logged in when you visit Synergy2GO. You must not use this option if the computer you use is not under your exclusive control, because other people using your computer will be able to log in to Synergy2GO without a password. Furthermore, cookies can store information about the usage of certain pages or functions within Synergy2GO. To generate such pages or functions dynamically, the information stored in the cookie will be processed randomly. Synergy2GO will never store cookie data. Cookie data is always stored on your hard drive, and will never be processed independently from your usage of the Synergy2GO network.